Why Glass Drinking Straws?

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Shop Happy Hollow Glass straws now! (Click here)

Shop Happy Hollow Glass straws now! (Click here)

Artisan Crafted

Re-Usable Glass Drinking Straws

  • Heavy Walled THICK Glass
  • ECO Conscious
  • Vegan friendly product!

The humble drinking straw is something we have all used at some time.

Whether we used them for drinking or other sorts of uses such as models and craft we all know what their main purpose is for.

Do you know that drinking straws have been in use since at least 3000 BC?

Historians don’t know for sure when the first straws were used, but they have discovered some that were used by the Sumerians who used them to drink beer.

The theory is that they used the straws to avoid drinking the solid by product from fermentation that sank to the bottom.

The first known drinking straw was made out of a gold tube inlaid with the precious blue stone lapis lazuli! http://unrealfacts.com/drinking-straws-around-5000-years/

Zero Waste Straws are available in MANY lengths and diameters to fit your needs.

Each piece is handcrafted at Happy Hollow Glass by glass artist – Little Lotte`. They are properly annealed in a digitally controlled kiln to achieve maximum strength and durability.

  • Regular Drinking Straws – Smoothie Sized
  • Bubble Tea – Tapioca Size
  • Short Straws – Long Straws
  • Skinny Straws – Fat Straws
  • Straight Straws – Bendy Straws
  • Cocktail Marker – Decorated Straws
  • Wedding Favors – Customizable!
  • Juicers – Blenders!
  • Party Colors!

Show me the straws Lotte`!

Happy hollow Glass post card 5 x 375Why Glass Straws?

Let’s get the obvious out of the way…

  • They are a Reusable

  • Zero Waste

  • Vegan Friendly Product

  • Avoid leeching toxins from plastic

  • Reduce landfill and beach waste

  • Durable and guaranteed!

BEAUTIFUL! ~ but what do you think about this?

Did you know?

…an estimated 75% of Americans are CHRONICALLY dehydrated on a daily basis?

  • Studies show we are likely to consume larger amounts of WATER through something more substantial than plastic! – with glass straws – It’s really fun too!

Dental and Medical patients

  • Lest we forget many individuals must rely on straws and tubes for every ounce of nourishment they are able to receive.
  • Juicers and even the NEW emulsion blenders are NO match! I’m talking chunky, nutty, frothy or frozen

Zero Waste Straws can handle it all! Just make sure you get the right sizes for your needs.

I personally love these because they insulate my sensitive teeth from extreme temperature beverages which would otherwise be painful. They go EVERYWHERE with me!”

100% Lab Quality – Real Borosilicate Glass (see the video of my bouncing straws @ HappyHollowGlass.com)

Medical & Lab Quality Glass = Hypo-Allergenic and Sterilize-able!

Child resistantI’ve got 4 children and 0 broken straws but please supervise children with ALL glass!

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