Epic Cobalt Latticino – 24″ Cane Pull – Promised Glass Blowing Videos – 1st Cut

[divider_flat] EPIC 24″ Latticino cane pull. Encased Alchemy Sno white on 18mm borosilicate cobalt rod. This is a very cut (originally) 19 minute video – If you’re looking for tips, I plan to section specific parts out. You can help by letting me know what you’re interested in seeing from Happy Hollow Glass. Please remember….. […]

Borosilicate > Pyrex® – They don’t make it like they used to…

The long and short is that tempered “soda-lime” or “soft” glass replaced “Real Pyrex®” in cooking applications in 1998 and it simply does not have the same strength and characteristics as the FORMULATION of borosilicate. Pyrex® glass manufactured BY CORNING prior to 1998 is legit! 🙂 Pyrex glass cookware [now] manufactured by World Kitchen is […]