FOR the LOVE of GLASS – Valentine’s Day – Happy Hollow Heart Collection

There’s still time to get your Valentine a One of a kind Happy Hollow Glass gift! Pendants Herb Jars Stash Wear Vial Jewelry and MORE to come! [hr] Have you Heard about Glass Drinking Straws? Start your Zero Waste Straw collection with this Heart Straws! [hr]  Smokers… Check out a site dedicated to Zero Waste […]

No Shipping Service Reminder – Monday, January 20, 2014 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Just a friendly reminder that orders placed this weekend and on Monday will ship on Tuesday January 21!   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day   Thank you in advance for your business!   Check out the new about the artist page where you can directly “Ask the Artist” any questions you may have!   Don’t […]


 Join us for a night of fun, great music, and even better people as we kick off the launch of! Live Local Bands include Mighty Mountain and The Contrabandits. Look out Nancy Grace! – Live Entertainment by member Chad Fisher Comedy Come and meet and some of our fellow members!  FREE Event – NO […]

Candy Corns and Congress Bats

My favorite Halloween treats turn liquid sand in the flame of the cauldron! Candy Corns and Congress Bats NOW available made to order!   Happy Hollow Glass Bat – Focal Pendants, Zero Waste Straws,  Herb jars and glass blunts will be available through the month of October! (Links to these NEW items are soon to […]

Convenient for who?


…MORE modern day conveniences – catastrophes and the stories behind them!   Well they’re a HUGE company – They have to test all that stuff right? Do you know? One of the largest chemical companies in the world is behind all of your plastic food storage?! YuMMMMy!! Learn more

NEW Stuff

Chewing on PLASTIC? Check out the NEW COMFORT Crimp Straws I can also crimp ANY straw you desire – Just ASK the ARTIST  SHOP Straws by Color  at ZERO WASTE STRAWS .com Happy Hollow Glass is actively researching ways to support Bat Conservation International (BCI) aka. BatCon, a local bat conservation group. A portion of […]

Greek and Eqyptian Inspired Glass Vessels

  …”For purposes of sale and of use, the wine and oil were passed from the dolium into the amphora (Gr. amphoreus), and the cadus (Gr. kados). These were vessels with two handles, and a slim body pointed at the foot. They were either buried up to the middle in the ground, or set up […]

Borosilicate > Pyrex® – They don’t make it like they used to…

The long and short is that tempered “soda-lime” or “soft” glass replaced “Real Pyrex®” in cooking applications in 1998 and it simply does not have the same strength and characteristics as the FORMULATION of borosilicate. Pyrex® glass manufactured BY CORNING prior to 1998 is legit! 🙂 Pyrex glass cookware [now] manufactured by World Kitchen is […]