Glass Cigarette Holders – 1920’s Inspired – Cocktail Length – Signature Classic – Finger Savers

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Glass “Finger Savers”

20’s inspired glass cigarette holders

+ a little cigarette holder history!

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Glass Cigarette Holders in your color choice.

Eliminate filter waste, litter and toxins – also reduces product waste by allowing you to smoke to the bitter end!

Finger Savers_Glass Roach Clip_Cigarette holder (9)

  • Approx 2″ each
  • Choose you color
  • Signature “Tippy Toe” design
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy walled borosilicate glass
  • Properly kiln annealed for maximum strength
  • Tapered to fit various sizes

Where there’s smoke there’s fire by Russell Patterson

“The holder was also used as a practical accessory, as before the advent of filtered cigarettes in the 1960s, the holder would encase a filter. Though modern cigarettes are generally manufactured with an existing filter, filtered cigarette holders are still used as a secondary filtration system, and to prevent nicotine staining of the fingers.[1]

A similar holder made of wood, meerschaum or bakelite and with an amber mouthpiece was used for cigars and was a popular accessory for men from the Edwardian period until the 1920s.


As with evening gloves, ladies’ cigarette holders are measured by four traditional formal standard lengths:

  • opera length, usually 16 to 20 inches/40 to 50 cm
  • theatre length, 10 to 14 inches/25 to 35 cm
  • dinner length, 4 to 6 inches/10 to 15 cm
  • cocktail length, which includes shorter holders[1]

Traditionally, men’s cigarette holders were no more than 4 inches long[2]” (Thank you wiki for this very useful info!)



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