Pink Sapphire and Milky Violet Finger Savers – Back in 2 days!

Pink Sapphire and Milky Violet Finger Savers will be back in stock in two days!

Milky Violet

Some of the best-selling Finger Saver colors have been unavailable due to stock status from my glass supplier. I’m happy to announce that I just placed an order that includes the popular Milky Violet (opaque purple) and Pink Sapphire (transparent pink).

Pink Sapphire

Keep your eyes peeled as I will update my Etsy shop, Happy Hollow Hello, as soon as it is available! I expect it to arrive by March 10, 2022!

Find ALL new options in the FINGER SAVERS section of my shop.

Now you can select the length and ID (inner diameter) size of your Happy Hollow Glass Finger Saver!

Happy 11 years of Finger Savers – 2022!

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