Pink Sapphire and Milky Violet Finger Savers – Back in 2 days!

Pink Sapphire and Milky Violet Finger Savers will be back in stock in two days! Some of the best-selling Finger Saver colors have been unavailable due to stock status from my glass supplier. I’m happy to announce that I just placed an order that includes the popular Milky Violet (opaque purple) and Pink Sapphire (transparent […]

Whitefish Lodge & Suites – St. Patrick’s Day Vendor Fair and Parade – Crosslake, MN

Whitefish Lodge & Suites – St. Patrick’s Day Vendor Fair and Parade Saturday at 9 AM – 2 PM – Parade starts at 2pm! 14150 Swann Drive Crosslake MN 56442 (218) 692-2246 Click here for more info and to view this event on Facebook.

Holiday Order & Shipping Deadlines

****STUDIO UPDATES***** #HappyHollowHello! Thank you Happy Glass fans for your wonderful patience throughout the holidays! In stock items are shipping as orders are placed. Made to order items are currently shipping within 4-6 business days. Latest shipping and holiday updates will be added to “Recent Posts” throughout the season. Questions about orders & holiday shipping? […]

10th Annual Primitive Arts Gathering, Knap-In & Rendezvous at The Hairy Mosquito

Join Happy Hollow Glass along side many other artisan vendors from the Midwest for the 10th Annual Primitive Arts Gathering, Knap-In & Rendezvous at The Hairy Mosquito. Located 9 miles North of Milaca, Minnesota, directly off of HWY 169. The Hairy Mosquito Trading Company is full of antiques, an old fashioned candy shop and even […]

New Knapping Skills! Glass and Stone Arrowheads Coming Up.

Knapping is the shaping of flint, chert, obsidian or other conchoidal fracturing stone through the process of lithic reduction to manufacture stone tools, strikers for flintlock firearms, or to produce flat-faced stones for building or facing walls, and flushwork decoration. ( Stoked about this new #skill – just learned a little bit about #flintknapping at […]

Free Shipping for your Valentine! Check out the glass heart pieces!

Happy Hollow Hello Happy Glass fans! 🙂 Use the code: ONELOVE16 on checkout for free shipping on your next Happy Hollow Glass purchase. See below for participating shops. Valid thru March 1st 2016! Be sure to find me on all social media and stay up to date on the latest monthly and seasonal coupons and giveaways! Coupon valid in my official […]

20% OFF Your Purchase of $25.00 or More thru November 15th

Hey guys! Fall is falling ~ Here’s a coupon to help your prices fall a little too! Use this code: FALL20 and save 20% off your next Happy Hollow Glass purchase. See below for participating shops. 20% OFF Your Purchase of $25.00 or more thru November 15th Valid here, my official shop at,, and on ETSY […]

Why Glass Drinking Straws?

Zero Waste

Artisan Crafted Re-Usable Glass Drinking Straws Heavy Walled THICK Glass ECO Conscious Vegan friendly product! The humble drinking straw is something we have all used at some time. Whether we used them for drinking or other sorts of uses such as models and craft we all know what their main purpose is for. Do you […]

How to Make Homemade Lip Balm Directly in a Happy Hollow Glass Jar.

This is just one example of the many many uses for these little glass jars and tubs. Imagine a gift of homemade tasty lip balm in a beautiful hand-blown one of a kind reusable glass container! ~ How to Make Homemade Lip Balm Directly in  Happy Hollow Glass Jars.~ This is a very quick DIY […]

Palo Santo “Holy Wood” Bundles are here! Fan Favorite at Austin Markets!

Alright everyone, I finally got the Holy wood posted! My favorite scent on the planet! … and I’ve been told it’s priced an average of 50% lower than many places right in ATX – So even shipped you’re getting a deal! Save more on shipping by adding this to any Happy Hollow Glass order now! […]

Silver Shakedown – Is it safe?

….Heat? Eat? – Go Fishing….? Is it permanent on my glass piece?[hr] …Yes, Yes & YES! – Sorry – The fishing is out!! 😮 Silver Shakedown Quick Facts: Is Silver Harmful to Humans? Unlike other “essential” elements such as calcium, human bodies don’t need silver to function. Though silver was once used in medical applications, […]

FOR the LOVE of GLASS – Valentine’s Day – Happy Hollow Heart Collection

There’s still time to get your Valentine a One of a kind Happy Hollow Glass gift! Pendants Herb Jars Stash Wear Vial Jewelry and MORE to come! [hr] Have you Heard about Glass Drinking Straws? Start your Zero Waste Straw collection with this Heart Straws! [hr]  Smokers… Check out a site dedicated to Zero Waste […]

No Shipping Service Reminder – Monday, January 20, 2014 – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Just a friendly reminder that orders placed this weekend and on Monday will ship on Tuesday January 21!   Martin Luther King, Jr. Day   Thank you in advance for your business!   Check out the new about the artist page where you can directly “Ask the Artist” any questions you may have!   Don’t […]


 Join us for a night of fun, great music, and even better people as we kick off the launch of! Live Local Bands include Mighty Mountain and The Contrabandits. Look out Nancy Grace! – Live Entertainment by member Chad Fisher Comedy Come and meet and some of our fellow members!  FREE Event – NO […]

Candy Corns and Congress Bats

My favorite Halloween treats turn liquid sand in the flame of the cauldron! Candy Corns and Congress Bats NOW available made to order!   Happy Hollow Glass Bat – Focal Pendants, Zero Waste Straws,  Herb jars and glass blunts will be available through the month of October! (Links to these NEW items are soon to […]

Epic Cobalt Latticino – 24″ Cane Pull – Promised Glass Blowing Videos – 1st Cut

[divider_flat] EPIC 24″ Latticino cane pull. Encased Alchemy Sno white on 18mm borosilicate cobalt rod. This is a very cut (originally) 19 minute video – If you’re looking for tips, I plan to section specific parts out. You can help by letting me know what you’re interested in seeing from Happy Hollow Glass. Please remember….. […]

Convenient for who?


…MORE modern day conveniences – catastrophes and the stories behind them!   Well they’re a HUGE company – They have to test all that stuff right? Do you know? One of the largest chemical companies in the world is behind all of your plastic food storage?! YuMMMMy!! Learn more

NEW Stuff

Chewing on PLASTIC? Check out the NEW COMFORT Crimp Straws I can also crimp ANY straw you desire – Just ASK the ARTIST  SHOP Straws by Color  at ZERO WASTE STRAWS .com Happy Hollow Glass is actively researching ways to support Bat Conservation International (BCI) aka. BatCon, a local bat conservation group. A portion of […]

Greek and Eqyptian Inspired Glass Vessels

  …”For purposes of sale and of use, the wine and oil were passed from the dolium into the amphora (Gr. amphoreus), and the cadus (Gr. kados). These were vessels with two handles, and a slim body pointed at the foot. They were either buried up to the middle in the ground, or set up […]

Borosilicate > Pyrex® – They don’t make it like they used to…

The long and short is that tempered “soda-lime” or “soft” glass replaced “Real Pyrex®” in cooking applications in 1998 and it simply does not have the same strength and characteristics as the FORMULATION of borosilicate. Pyrex® glass manufactured BY CORNING prior to 1998 is legit! 🙂 Pyrex glass cookware [now] manufactured by World Kitchen is […]