Unbeatable Quality

[divider_flat] Frits & bits about the quality and type of glass I use…[hr]

Specifically designed to withstand thermal shock.

Created with a minimum of 5% boric oxide, borosilicate is highly resistant to chemical corrosion and extreme temperatures.

It can be found in a large variety of applications where “hard” glass is required and has become a favorite in the glass art industry.
Borosilicate is favored for its thermal shock resistance making it microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe and able to move from one to the next seamlessly.

**ALL Happy Hollow Glass is borosilicate unless clearly noted otherwise.

THIS is NOT the tempered glass branded “Pyrex” is now made with!

Stash Wear Vial Pendant

Stash Wear Vial Pendant

Each piece is properly annealed in a digitally programmable kiln for PEAK performance, it is also:

Non toxic
Vegan Friendly
Absolutely beautifully stunning,                                                   and….

I ensure than my finished pieces have comfortable –

flame kissed – polished edges![hr]

Now – normally I wouldn’t tell my customers that something is going to be more expensive…. UNLESS of course it helps gain an advantage while weeding out the “cheap” stuff!

What $60 gets you somewhere else :-/

What $60 gets you somewhere else :-/

What $60 get s you HERE

What $60 get s you HERE

It is important to keep in mind that this glass will generally be more expensive than regular “soft” or soda lime glass because it requires higher heat and more labor to produce.

**Let’s be honest though…. my prices are still unbeatable!!! 😉